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30.05.12 Peer Review: Early Intervention and prevention in family support

Organised by Eurochild's "Thematic working group on family and parenting support" on 30 May – 1 June 2012 in Belfast – Northern Ireland, with the support of CiNi (Children in Northern Ireland)


In the context of its thematic working group on family and parenting support, Eurochild organised a mutual learning seminar (peer review) 30 May – 1 June 2012 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Four member organisations participated in the review and present inspiring practices in prevention and early intervention that show what works in Europe to improve outcomes for children:

  • Children in Northern Ireland (‘host’ organisation);
  • Action for Children, Wales, UK;
  • Nobody’s Children Foundation, Poland;
  • National Network for Children, Bulgaria.

Two pan-European organisations, Eurofound and the Council of Europe and a representative from the Dortmund University (Germany) contributed as ‘stakeholders’. A representative from the European Commission, Directorate General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion also participated.


This Peer Review had three overarching objectives:

  1. make an in-depth review of the good practices presented, assess strengths and weaknesses,  determine whether there are innovations in the practice examples that bring something new to this area of work and identify what are the lessons that can be learned;
  2. understand whether there is a potential for replication and adaptation of experiences elsewhere, taking into account the importance of contextualising projects inputs and outcomes according to the particular social, cultural, economic and political conditions;
  3. contribute to the development of a common assessment framework that provides a credible and robust basis on which to assess inclusion of good practice in Eurochild's database, justifies promotion of the good practice at policy level (EU or national levels) and assist in establishing the potential for transferability to other European countries.

You can download the Meeting Report here and the Synthesis Report here.


  1. Northern Ireland (Ann Godfrey)
  2. Northern Ireland (Eamon McTernan)
  3. Introduction to the Review Process (Juliet Ramage)
  4. Host country practice Northern Ireland
  5. Peer country practice Wales
  6. Peer country practice Poland
  7. Peer country Bulgaria
  8. Assessment paper presentation (Juliet Ramage)
  9. Inputs from Czech Republic
  10. Eurofound
  11. Dortmund University (Uwe Uhlendhorff)

Peer countries descriptions of good practices: Bulgaria, Poland, UK Wales

Host country description of good practice: UK Northern Ireland

Host country comments paper: UK Northern Ireland comments paper , UK Northern Ireland comments paper 2

Independent expert Key Questions: here

Independent expert assessment paper: Juliet Ramage

Peer countries comments paper: Bulgaria (NNC), UK-Wales (FAST), Poland (Good Parent, Good Start)

Stakeholders comments paper: TU Dortmund University , Eurofound, Council of Europe

Background Documents: Knowing What Works, Prove and Improve, Stewart Brown on rcts

Concept note & agenda is available here.

Useful Addresses: here

For more information contact: (Eurochild Policy Officer) or (Peer Review Coordinator)


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