CRAG Statement - Making children visible in the EU Budget 2014-2020

CRAG has been closely monitoring the budget negotiations and all instruments that will be relevant for children both within the EU and in its external policies

Children's Rights Action Group members

On the occasion of the European Council meeting the Children’s Right Action Group (CRAG), which represents the voices of millions of children in and outside the EU. urged the EU Member States to:

  • Maintain the level of expenditure for the overall MFF proposed by the European Commission.
  • Ensure sufficient spending goes to children in particular in the areas of smart and inclusive growth, fundamental rights, security and citizenship, and in global Europe.
  • Recognise the need for and ensure investment in children including protection, access to health and education, development and growth in a safe environment in Europe and in external relations of the EU.
  • Promote social inclusion and combating poverty, in particular child poverty, through all EU structural funds.
  • Ensure development aid levels that have a true impact on poverty eradication.

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