• Charity Fund EDUKIDS

    National organisation - advocacy/campaign

    Charity Fund EDUKIDS was founded in in Ukraine in 2011. The organization focusing on education, child participation, dyslexia and informational support on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to promote children’s rights and the general welfare of children nationally. In the field of education, they provide art support to talented children and set up an art studio. They have extensive experience in child participation and they aim to highlight the importance of engaging with children in decision-making processes. Since April 2019 they became a National Eurochild Forum and since 2018 a young person from EDUKIDS has been engaged in Eurochild’s Children Council.

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  • Antonina Slipchenko


    Antonina Slipchenko is the founder of St. Nicholas Foundation, a Ukrainian organisation that advocates and conducts campaigns in the areas of early-years and education.

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  • International Non-Governmental Organisation International Leadership and Development Center

    International organisation

    International Leadership and Development Center is an international non-profit organization,  based in Ukraine  founded in 2008. The purpose of the organization is to promote child welfare in the society, through the development of Competency Based Training System. ILDC has extensive experience in training child welfare professionals across Ukraine. They have successfully trained social services specialists, foster and adoptive parents, volunteers and NGO staff, leaders and managers of NGOs and government agencies in child welfare field is 21 region of Ukraine. With their nation-wide capacity building activities they aim to achieve the highest standards of child protection in the child welfare system, organizational capacity development in the social sphere and community development. Institute for Human Services (IHS) is one of the founders and key partners of ILDC. The President of ILDC is Ruby M. Johnston.


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  • International Charity Partnership for Every Child

    National organisation - service provider

    International Charity Partnership for Every Child aims to bring lasting and positive change into the lives of children and their families through innovation, community-based approach and strategic partnerships. Its mission is to professionally help families communities and the government to ensure the right of every child to grow up and develop in a safe and supporting family environment. Its activities are focused on children without parental care or at risk of losing parental care, vulnerable young people, families and children in difficult life circumstances             social sphere practitioners and governmental decision-makers.


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  • Hope and Homes for Children Ukraine

    National organisation - service provider

    Hope and Homes for Children Ukraine focuses on the prevention of child abandonment, the reintegration of a child into family, the closure of large institutions  the development of family forms of childcare and the creation of a network of social centers for support of children and families.


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Ukraine needs to build a rights-based child protection system

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