Childonomics Experts Meeting with Bertelsmann Foundation

Towards building a robust economic & social case for investment in prevention services and reform of child welfare & protection systems

7 June 2018

9:00 - 13:00 CET, Brussels

An experts meeting will be hosted by Eurochild, to bring together practitioners and researchers on the topic of investment in prevention services. The release of the final reflections on the Childonomics research will form the basis for discussions on investing in prevention services and reform of the child welfare systems across Europe. We are proud to co-host this meeting with Bertelsmann Stiftung, a German private foundation, recognised for their research and policy work.

Childonomics is a research project aimed at developing a tool to determine the long-term social and economic return of investing in children. The tool includes an economic model informed by the costs of different services and approaches to supporting children and families in vulnerable situations. 

The Bertelsmann Stiftung, is currently running a research study on ‘Governance and incentive structures for the enhancement of local prevention policies for children and young people: A comparison of EU Member States.’ This project investigates the governance and incentive structures provided by EU-Member States for the promotion of local prevention policies for children and young people.

Their research project resonates well with the conceptual foundation of Childonomics which aims to capture the full range of services that children and families can access - universal, targeted, highly specialized and intensive - which may impact on outcomes for society, community, families and most importantly children.

The meeting will be an opportunity to bring together the results of the research of Bertelsmann Stiftung with Eurochild’s lessons from Childonomics so as to build a solid repertoire of knowledge and evidence on the added value of investing in children with which to advise policy makers and build capacity of our members to advocate at national and local levels.

Childonomics is an initiative of Eurochild, funded between 2015-2018 by the OAK Foundation under its programme Child Abuse: preventing violence, protection children.

Read the introduction to Childonomics conceptual framework and methodology

The final summary of findings from Childonomics project, including results of the testing in Malta and Romania, will be shared on the Childonomics project webpage.