European Parliament Elections – Let’s identify child rights champions!

Webinar for Eurochild members to get involved!

The European elections will be held across the European Union on 23rd-29 May 2019. European citizens will go to the ballots in their respective Member States and cast a vote for their representatives in the European Parliament.

The elections present opportunities to create alliances with future policy-makers; to demand that children’s rights are put at the top of the political agenda; and for children to be heard!

As MEPs bring voices of their constituents to the European Parliament, it is important that we work together with national children‘s rights organisations within our membership, and children themselves to build a stronger space for childrens‘ issues, informed directly by the views of children.

Why are the European elections important for children‘s rights professionals and NGOs?
During the last round of elections in 2014, Eurochild jointly produced a manifesto to which candidate MEPs were asked to pledge to become child rights champions in the Parliament by signing the Child Rights Manifesto.

Over 100 of those who made the pledge were voted in as MEPs. The active interest and commitment of such MEPs from the start of the new legislature offered children’s rights organisations much more space to raise their issues. It is from this initiative that the European Parliament’s Intergroup on children’s rights was born – a gathering of MEPs from different political groups with the joint commitment to promote children’s rights.

And so, Eurochild is eager to build on its work to ensure another fresh batch of MEP candidates commit to becoming Child Rights Champions in the European Parliament for 2019-2024.

Webinar for Eurochild members to get involved!

European Elections brainstorm webinar – 25 February at 1PM CET

Join us to identify the child rights champions standing for the European Parliament elections!

An hour-long webinar where we explain the opportunities, approaches to get involved yourself or to involve children. You can ask questions and openly brainstorm with other members and gather intelligence to build your plan of action!

Register to our webinar to share ideas, ask questions and brainstorm collectively with us!