Making more of a difference together

How Eurochild’s strategic plan harnesses, & contributes to, the work of international partners

Launch of Eurochild Strategic Plan 2019-2021

At Eurochild’s 2018 General Assembly members will adopt a new 3-year strategic plan (2019-2021). The plan explains the network’s theory of change, its advocacy goals and how it will contribute to making change happen.

Those changes do not happen in a vacuum. Eurochild’s advocacy efforts focus on leveraging the economic and political power of the EU to bring about positive change for children across Europe. For this session, we invite our allies in the civil society and international organisations to share our ambition to progress the realisation of children’s rights in practice. The conversation will be an opportunity for all participants to identify opportunities for greater collaboration both at national and European level.

The discussions will be expected to spill over into the following day, when members will discuss implementation of Eurochild’s thematic priorities.

Guest Speakers:

  • Velina Todorova, UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
  • Tuomas Kurttila, European Network of Ombudspersons for Children
  • Ioannis N. Dimitrakopoulos, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
  • Regina Jensdottir, Council of Europe
  • Sandie Blanchet, UNICEF EU


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