Towards an effective implementation of community based services in child care

The event will take place on 23-24 November 2017, Pamplona, Spain

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FICE Spain will host a two-day conference, supported by Eurochild, to catalyse an effective transition towards community based services in children and youth care in Spain.

A new child protection law in Spain aims to reinforce the right of children to be heard and participate in all matters that concern them and promotes development of community based services over residential institutions.

The law is considered an improvement in terms of legislation in child care, however there are still some significant weaknesses, being the most relevant the lack of budget allocation and the uneven implementation in the different Spanish regions.

The conference will: 

contextualize this new national legislation within the current EU trends and framework on deinstitutionalisation; 

analyses its contents and potentialities;

provide examples of good practices to encourage its effective implementation 

Target Audience: Researchers, practitioners, policy makers, administration stakeholders related to child and youth care from all over the national territory. 

Expected outcome: To promote a debate with key stakeholders on the transition towards community based services and DI that contributes to unlocking and effective implementation of the new child care legislation.