POP: Protection through Online Participation

Eurochild is partner of the ‘Protection through Online Participation (POP)’ project, which aims to understand how children and young people can access safety and protection online.

Increasingly, children and young people are returning to the Internet to be safe when at risk of experiencing harm offline or online. For instance, they use the internet to report violence, to connect with helplines and receive counselling, and to connect with peers to look for help or create solutions. Understanding how children use digital platforms to be safe is key to improving such services and increase their access to support overall.

To achieve this, POP is collecting quantitative and qualitative information from helplines and services using digital means to support children and from children and young people themselves, to map child and youth led solutions addressing the protection needs of their peers. In addition to this, POP will also work with industry partners in sharing their lessons learned on how children use their platforms to access safety and protection. The POP partners will gather in person by the end of the year to discuss with the collected information and draft recommendations for improving or implementing services and platforms looking to support children online.

To gather quantitative information from children’s experiences using support systems online, an online survey for children has just been released.

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