#CrianzaDigna: New Spanish campaign asks for better policies to help parents

Plataforma de Infancia, Eurochild member from Spain, launches campaign asking for economic and work-life balance measures to support parents.

Parenting is a crucial stage in childhood development. Unfortunately Spanish public institutions, companies, and society as a whole, still do not put care at the center, they ignore the social value of parenting, assuming that it is something that happens in the private sphere.

The #CrianzaDigna campaign focuses on economic aid for all families, paid parental leave, possibility of remote working and time flexibility and affordable access to public nursery schools 0-3 years.

  • In Spain there is no financial help for parents

While there is no universal support for families in Spain, in countries like Germany or Ireland all boys and girls receive €219 or €140 per month up to the age of 18, respectively.

  • There is no paid parental leave

In countries like Croatia paid parental leave goes beyond birth, up to 8 months. The Spanish government shoud ensure a minimum parental leave period of four months, paid leave in case of children's sickness and the possibily to reduce working hours for emergency situations.

  • The care of children cannot depend on the grandparents

Spain should keep schools open with sufficient staff beyond teaching hours or outside the school calendar, so that children can use its facilities, carry out extracurricular activities, make progress on homework, take remedial classes while parents are working. The Government should also increase access to public early childhood educationcentres (0-3 years), making sure especially children at risk of poverty and social exclusion are not left out.

Read the full dossier featuring Palataforma's recommendations (in Spanish)

Plataforma is also the National Coordinator of the First Years First Priority Campaign asking for a fair start for every child.

Further information:

Visit the campaign webpage
Download the Spanish Country Profile
Download the Fact Sheet

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