Eurochild network expands to 211 members across 42 countries and celebrates 2023 achievements at the annual General Assembly

The #EurochildGA on 23 May 2024 was attended by more than 135 participants from all over Europe.

At the online meeting, Sabine Saliba has been formally appointed Eurochild Secretary General, Julien Van Geertsom has been confirmed for another mandate as Management Board member and a new Ethics Committee was approved. The Committee is formed by:

  • Margaret Tuite, current chair of the board of Child Rights International Network - CRIN and former European Commission Coordinator for the rights of the child;
  • Catriona Williams, former CEO of Children in Wales and founder and first President of Eurochild;
  • Marta Santos Pais, former UNICEF Innocenti Director and UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children

Members of the Eurochild Children's Council participated in the online meeting and presented their activity report and a new updated version of the Eurochild Child Protection Policy has been presented.

We also welcomed 16 new members:

Our Membership in 2024

  • 23 National Partner Networks
  • 26 International organisations
  • 101 National Organisations
  • 13 Academic and research institutions
  • 4 Child- and Youth-led organisations
  • 10 Public or statutory bodies
  • 29 Individuals
  • 5 Honorary Members

Our 2023 Annual Report

On the occasion of the Assembly, the achievements from 2023 were presented. In 2023 Eurochild participated in 279 external meetings and events advocating for children's rights. We responded to emergencies, and fought anti-human rights movements. We monitored and influenced the Child Guarantee and its implementation, we shared our country-specific recommendations to better protect and promote children's rights with the information provided by 38 members in 26 countries. We gathered the experiences and needs of children living in poverty, we advocated for investment in the early years, for better online safety and for better child protection systems.

Watch the video summary below:

Read the full digital report

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