Improving the inclusion in school of Children Affected by Migration

Eurochild is partnering in an innovative EU-funded initiative to improve the inclusion in schools and ensure the rights to quality education for all Children who have been Affected by Migration (CAM).

CAM are children who, for whatever reason, have suffered from displacement, separation or loss as a result of migration. They may:

•    Be asylum seekers, refugees, economic or social migrants.
•    Be accompanied by their families, or have travelled alone 
•    Be fleeing war or other disasters 
•    Have had difficulties on their journeys. 
•    Have recently arrived or been in the country for some time.
•    Feel secure or be uncertain of their future
•    Be left behind by parents migrating to work in another country

The 2-year Eramus+ funded ICAMnet project is designed to generate and test models for the dissemination country by country of the developed and successfully trialled Including Children Affected by Migration (ICAM) programme.

In December 2018, the ICAM programme, completed highly successful trials in pilot schools in 4 partner countries - Italy, Spain, Romania and the UK. The programme is now available to help improve the inclusion in school of the approximately 10.5 million CAM in Europe, including approximately 2.5 million children left behind by parents migrating for work, so that all can fully access their right to quality education.

UNHCR reports that the recent influx of migrants has fuelled a further rise in racism, violence and intolerance resulting in the added exclusion of CAM from the education which is their entitlement.

The ICAM programme increases the access to learning and improves the learning capacity of CAM by enhancing the climate of convivencia (living in harmony) in schools, by raising awareness of the rights they are entitled to, and by providing additional support for their social and emotional wellbeing in school and at home. This includes reducing bullying in school to which CAM are particularly vulnerable. 

Based on best practice for inclusion, ICAM has developed effective national - school level cascade training programmes, coupled with extensive materials and handbooks to help staff in schools and parent/carers in the home create convivencia and restore the ability of CAM to grow and develop into valued citizens in a safe and secure learning environment.

The ICAMnet project will develop and test the upscaling and dissemination of the ICAM programme to all schools at county or city level in Italy, Spain, Romania, UK and in two other European countries that will be selected in the second year of the project - so that national education and welfare agencies across Europe have tried and tested models for disseminating the ICAM programme to all their schools and homes.

Eurochild members with an interest in work to support Children Affected by Migration are encouraged to get in touch with the ICAMnet team who will be delighted to hear from you. 

Please contact:
The ICAMnet partners:
Eurochild Secretariat:  Agata D’Addato
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