An app to empower young newcomers in Europe to find safety

The realisation of the app was made possible by software platform trellyz (creators of the RefAid app) and the H&M Foundation . “The Smile of the Child”, Greek member of Eurochild and Missing Children Europe, is among the key partners of the project along with other organisations from across Europe.

At the second edition of the conference 'Lost in Migration' held in Brussels, the Miniila app was launched by Missing Children Europe for young newcomers. 

Miniila which translates to “from…to” in Arabic is a smart mobile phone app that offers information about the rights and local support services available to help children on the move find their way to safety in Europe. The app is the concrete result of some of the recommendations made by child rights experts to the European Commission (signed and supported by Eurochild) and national leaders on the protection of children in migration during last year’s Lost in Migration conference.

The Miniila app, developed in cooperation with children and launched today, will empower children (especially those unaccompanied) to make informed decisions and be better protected, rather than be forced to trust those who profit from their vulnerability.

The Miniila app features real-time and regionally specific information, allowing children to find out more about services available near them on a map in their own language. It guides them towards trustworthy people around them who can help provide shelter, food, health services, legal assistance, guardianship and more.

Eurochild delivered a workshop at the 'Lost in Migration' conference, offering inspiring practices for protection and integration of refugee and migrant children, in partnership with its member SOS Children's Villages International. Eurochild will be involved in drafting recommendations from this conference to decision-makers.