Children's Rights Alliance's (Ireland) Report Card 2015 gives Government an overall C grade

Child poverty gets an F grade , the worst result of all areas in 2015 and a fall from last year’s ‘E-’ grade

The Children's Rights Alliance published on 23 February the seventh in its annual series of Report Cards. The Report Card grades the Government’s performance on issues affecting children against stated commitments in the Programme for Government 2011-2016.

The Government receives an overall ‘C’ grade from the Children’s Rights Alliance this year, reflecting a satisfactory attempt, but with scope for significant improvement. The grade has remained the same since 2013, following a peak of a ‘C+’ grade in 2012.

The area of child poverty gets an ‘F’ grade in the Children’s Rights Alliance Report Card, the worst grade of all areas this year and a fall from last year’s ‘E-’ grade.

"The Government must uphold its international obligations and ensure children’s rights are implemented to the fullest extent, even when resources are limited.  The Children’s Rights Alliance is calling for the Government to publish an ambitious rights-based implementation plan to achieve the Child Poverty Target as a matter of urgency," stated Tanya Ward, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance.

Two ‘A’ grades appear in Report Card 2015 for the first time both in the area of education on literacy and school buildings. Meanwhile, the issue of inequalities in family life receives a ‘B’ grade, a significant rise from last year’s ‘D+’ grade.

Read more here. Report Card 2015 available for download here.