Children's Rights in EU Policy Making: How the EP can promote and protect children's rights

Eurochild gave a training on children's rights to assistants of Members of the European Parliament

On 29 May, Eurochild together with Plan EU Office delivered an informal training for MEP assistants in the European Parliament. The training aspired to enhance participants’ understanding of children’s rights, especially with regards to EU’s internal and external policies and actions. The training session was hosted by MEP Anna Maria Corazza-Bildt (EPP), co-chair of the European Parliament Intergroup on Children's Rights.

The session stared with a ‘power walk’ game which intended to illustrate that children are often left behind not only when it comes to participation in policy and decision-making, but also in relation to everyday life matters such as access to services and resources.

The participants were explained the very nature of children’s rights, international and European instruments and mechanisms relevant to the protection of the rights of the child, in particular the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and its optional protocols.

During the quiz on children’s rights the assistants showed a good understanding of the EU level instruments, both internal and external, aimed at protecting and promoting children’s rights. Key EU tools and instruments were then elaborated in more detail and the assistants were explained how their MEPs can use them in their daily work, for example through an active engagement in the Intergroup on Children’s Rights. The participants were also curious about issues such as forced marriages and child labour.