Eurochild to co-chair civil society group on investment in children

This prominent role in the Working Group will help Eurochild to partner with other major players to influence national budget planning and monitoring.

Eurochild has taken over co-chairmanship of the Child Rights Connect Working Group on Investment in Children which aims to translate international (UNCRC General Comment 19 on Public Budgeting for the Realization of Children’s Rights) and regional commitments on investment in children (incl. EU Recommendation on Investing in Children) into national advocacy strategies for change.

Members of the group include: African Child Policy Forum, Eurochild, Child Rights Coalition Asia, Child Rights Connect, DCI Costa Rica, IBFAN-GIFA, REDLAMYC, Plan International, Save the Children, and Terre des Hommes. UNICEF (global/NY office) is a strategic partner. Members of the working group share good practices of investing in children or child budgeting, liaise with members of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and discuss global initiatives.

Governments struggle with how to use scarce public resources to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families. It is widely understood that tackling poverty and social exclusion in childhood is a good investment as it can lead to more inclusive and cohesive societies in the long-term. Still many countries in Europe have cut education, health and social welfare budgets in ways that exacerbate childhood poverty and inequalities. And many spend resources on poor quality or inappropriate services such as institutional care. No country in Europe effectively monitors public spending on children and its impact, as is advised in the General Comment 19.

Eurochild is also collecting evidence to measure the economic and social value of a rights-based approach to policy making and budget planning. ‘Childonomics’, a research study on measuring the social and economic value of investing in children, is showing that investments in strong universal services and benefits that build greater social cohesion do pay off in the long-term.

Currently, Eurochild also coordinates the EU Alliance for Investing in Children which pushes for full implementation of the European Commission Recommendation on Investing in Children.