Finns’ attitudes to parenting and the use of corporal punishment 2017

Eurochild member Central Union for Child Welfare Finland, releases a report based on a survey on Finn's parenting attitudes and methods.

Corporal punishment of children was outlawed in Finland in 1984. The range of corporal punishment of children and the development of related attitudes have been monitored in Finland since the 1980s. The Central Union for Child Welfare carried out a survey on Finns’ parenting attitudes and methods. The results were published in September 2017 in the publication ''Piiskasta jäähypenkkiin''.

Although the actual use of corporal punishment is now less common, threatening with violence has become more widespread. According to the survey, however, Finns have a very negative attitude towards threatening with violence and find it more harmful to the child than, for example, hair pulling. What the respondents found particularly detrimental was children being sniped at, belittled, intimidated or subjected to domestic violence.