Meet the new candidate members of Eurochild

Candidate Members Gareth Williams-James, Serena Virdis and Kindermitte Association's approval will have to be endorsed at the General Assembly

Gareth Williams –James is a UK based, Independent Education Specialist working in the field of Children in Care and Care Leavers. Gareth has great experience in promoting good educational achievements for children in alternative care and care leavers as he served as a Virtual School Head for ten years.  He continues to serve in this role as an interim manager for local authorities between substantive appointments as well as providing consultation and services to charities and social enterprises.  Gareth is part of the of the European Care Leavers network, a member of the Institute for Recovery from Childhood Trauma and the DfE Advisory Board for Boarding School Partnerships in the UK. He has previously been an Associate to the National Children’s Bureau and a Sector Specialist for the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes.

Serena Virdis is an Italian young professional working on children’s rights and child protection. Serena graduated in International Cooperation on Human Rights at the University of Bologna and has experience working in the field at Roots Research Center NGO in Athens. She is interested joining Eurochild work in children in alternative care and early childhood development. Serena is eager to learn about other aspects of children’s rights such as mental health and to join European projects as an individual expert.

Kindermitte is an association for social entrepreneurs in the field of early education based in Hamburg founded in 2012. Kindermitte has more than 30 members in Germany. The umbrella organization has a great network in the area of early childhood development. The current president of the organization is Peter Schmied-Kowarzik, managing director is Dr. Sarah Stueber.

We look forward to welcoming them to the Eurochild family!