New project for children in care uses robotics to boost social skills and creativity

Eurochild member from Turkey, Hayat Sende, designed the “First Lego League Thrill for Children in Care” project to allow fifteen children aged 9-16 to take part in the tournament.

The children taking part in these competitions have to design and programme LEGO robots in order to complete the tournament’s tasks.

The project aims at expanding their vision, it enhances children’s self-esteem and team-working skills and boosts their interest in science. Children also get an opportunity to improve their ability to work as a team and achieve a determined goal.

Children in care are among the most disadvantaged young people: nearly 72% of children in care in Turkey drop out of high school. Some of the main causes are stigmatization and lack of confidence.

According to Hayat Sende, the Turkish children living in care in 2016 were more than 18.000

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