Six additional candidate members to join Eurochild in 2018

Six additional candidate members will be considered for endorsement at the next General Assembly in April.

A photo from the 2017 GA

The candidates are:

Marta Santos Pais – Honorary member

Marta Santos Pais was appointed as Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children (SRSG) on May 1, 2009, and took up her position on September 1, 2009. As a high level global independent advocate, Marta Santos Pais promotes the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence against children in all settings, including online and offline, the justice setting, in the home, in institutional care, in schools, in the workplace and in the community. She acts as a bridge builder in all regions, and across sectors and settings where violence against children may occur. 

Children's International Press Centre Foundation 
The Netherlands

Children’s International Press Centre Foundation aims at supporting children in making media campaigns as reporters, by helping them in finding Inspiring topics and people for them to research. The Foundation provides schools, governments and libraries with materials, scenarios and (digital) formats for the start-up of a child press centre and facilitates the exchange of good practices and experience. It also provides a network of publishing and media partners.

The Big Dipper North
Czech Republic

The Big Dipper North is an organisation focusing on the enhancement of social workers, teachers and foster carers’ skills in assisting children and their families by means of interactive training based on model situations followed by feedback, case studies and methods of experiential learning. Besides delivering training, it publishes tools and methodological handbooks for social workers.

Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Zagreb

Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Zagreb is the only higher education institution in Croatia that creates and offers university-level programmes in speech-language pathology, educational rehabilitation and social pedagogy in addition to developing and advancing high-quality research as well as clinical best practices in these areas. Its mission is education based on scientific knowledge in these areas with the aim of including vulnerable groups into the community, by influencing individuals and social environments as well as influencing policy making and social benefits, in compliance with the principles of professional ethics and responsibility.

Maria Corbett – Individual member

Maria is a PhD student at the School of Law, National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). She focuses on child protection, family support and child law. Maria undertakes court reporting for the Child Care Law Reporting Project and she is currently a board member of Kid’s Own Publishing Partnership and the Ark Cultural Centre. Maria has twenty years’ experience as a children’s rights advocate, legal and policy analyst and researcher. For 14 years from 2001, she led the policy work of the Children’s Rights Alliance in Ireland.

Ivana Jedud Boric – Individual member

Ivana Jedud Boric is social pedagogue and assistant professor in the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences in the University of Zagreb. Ivana is actively involved in various programmes and interventions for children and youth such as mentoring programmes, education on child’ rights and social skills training. Ivana currently focuses on child participation through research, education, consultation and advocacy.