Spotlight on the Eurochild Children’s Council: February Update

Simonida, 15 years from Serbia shares updates from this month’s work of the Eurochild Children’s Council – a voluntary group of young people under 18 years who are working to put children at the heart of Europe.

About me

To start off I’d like to first say HELLO to everyone reading this!

My name is Simonida and I’m from Serbia. I am 16 and I balance my time between calming tranquility and insanity or in other words, going to parties some days and not leaving the bed the others. I’ve been an activist for human rights for around a year and a half and it’s something I’m very passionate about. I definitely see myself in this line of work someday. I’m not a huge fan of the educational system, never being one for the rules, so doing something different like working with the ECC has been simply amazing. I love learning about different cultures and meeting new people, which the ECC has given me an opportunity to do. I feel like my voice is actually being heard and is slowly but surely making a change in our world.


The Eurochild Children’s Council (ECC) is a group of young minds working together to elevate the standard of children around Europe. It is led by capable and innovative adults who know how to work together with younger people and help their voices be heard. It connects people in the best way possible to work on solutions for some serious issues. We have some minor moments like finding the same word in different languages or 3 am trips to the hotel kitchens; and the bigger ones like meeting with decision makers or holding a panel at the European Parliament.  

At the moment we are preparing for our meeting in Brussels in April. It has been a month filled with paperwork, consent forms, registrations and booking flights. Our last meeting, that has also taken place in Brussels, has been very fun yet very hectic. Our trip, although a business one, was definitely one to remember and it felt like an actual beginning of the more serious work. It was great to actually meet people you’ve been talking to and working with for the past few months.

The ECC has taken on quite a few projects including “Europe Kids Want with the European Parliament and UNICEF. We have started our involvement in the UN Day of General Discussion project with Child Rights Connect. Our representative for their child advisory group and a member of the ECC, Konstantinos, will be working closely with them and involve us even more in the work we do together.

We are all very much a part of the digital age, in which technology is basically a lifeline. The ECC has monthly meetings online and it is crucial that our communications and social platforms are solid so as not to cause complications and waste time. On that note we are in the process of starting to use a system called Basecamp for our online work. It is very exciting and I do believe we will all soon be invested in it completely. Social media and media in general is another field we are working on to spread awareness and knowledge about the status of the children in Europe and how our work has helped them.

On a completely other note the ECC has been nominated for the European Association Awards! Congratulations to everyone at Eurochild for making this possible and to everyone involved with the ECC. We are all incredibly proud.

That would be all for this month but don’t worry, March will be here soon and with it another update on the life of the ECC and its members.

Warmest regards,


Simonida's participation to the ECC is supported by Eurochild's member Child Rights Centre, Serbia.