The Europe Kids Want – Sharing views of children to mark World Children’s Day

European Parliament will host series of events to mark World Children’s Day in Brussels

Children and young people have a key stake in Europe’s future. Not only because it is their future that is affected by today’s decisions, but also because their involvement in decision-making helps them to understand democratic values and fundamental freedoms which underpin the European project. They are voters of tomorrow and change-makers of today.

As European leaders debate the future of Europe, UNICEF and Eurochild launched an online survey, inviting children and young people to share their views on the Europe they want. ‘Europe Kids Want’ gathered children’s and young people’s experiences of family-life, school, society and their thoughts on Europe.

On the occasion of World Children’s Day on 20 November 2018, children and high level decision makers from European, national and intergovernmental institutions will engage in a quiz style debate in the European Parliament, Brussels to understand the views of children and commit to taking forward their demands.


The Europe Kids Want Survey
On 1st June 2018 Eurochild and UNICEF launched the ‘Europe Kids Want’ opinion poll for children and young people to express their views on matters that affect them and how they perceive Europe.

For World Children’s Day on 20 November, UNICEF and Eurochild assessed the responses of over 15,000 children and young people from over 23 countries in Europe and will celebrate the day and discuss results.
The survey remains open and invites young people to respond to it, in one of the 29 languages.


Read the Europe Kids Want Brochure and discover the first impressions!

The World Children’s Day event

A quiz show with children and decision makers will take place at the European Parliament, hosted by Mr Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, Mr Pier Antonio Panzeri, the Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights and by the European Parliament Intergroup on Children's Rights. With participation of children from all over Europe and high-level guests.

Last year, President Tajani had committed to assess progress on children's rights in the European Parliament on a yearly basis. Watch his video statement from 2017 below.

How to get involved?

On the eve of the World Children’s Day, the children gathered in Brussels will join a ‘Youth Parliament’. Children will many topics including – access to education and health to all children, and an annual Q &A between EU leaders and young people.

You can follow the opening and closing session of the Youth Parliament via live streaming at EP live and on the European Youth Event Facebook page.

Respond to the survey: If you are a young person, share your views by responding to the Europe Kids Want survey. It is available in 29 languages! 

Join the conversation online: #EuropeKidsWant #WorldChildrensDay