Updates from General Assembly 2017

This week, the Eurochild membership gathered in Brussels for the annual General Assembly. New members were welcomed to the network and a new Management Board member was elected from the membership.

Group photo of the Eurochild membership at the General Assembly on 5 April 2017, Brussels.

This week, the Eurochild membership gathered in Brussels for the annual General Assembly where a children’s participation strategy was endorsed following discussions facilitated by children and young persons themselves. For the first time, children and young people are engaged in developing and implementing a strategy for the children’s rights network which represents 165 members.

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New Management Board Member

Additionally, a new member of the Management Board was elected. Sean O’Neill of Children in Wales, UK, takes over from George Bogdanov of National Network for Children Bulgaria who completed two terms of three years in the Management Board. Sean has been involved with Eurochild since 2008, representing the network at various events. He co-chaired the thematic working group on participation. He was part of the UK delegation to Geneva to inform the UN Child Rights Committee hearing and is active in the work around the Universal Periodic Review.

Europe and the world is changing and Eurochild has had to adapt to the changing landscape to help ensure that children remain at the heart of Europe. I am delighted to be elected to the Board and would like to thank the membership for their support and encouragement.”- Sean O’Neill.

The Eurochild network thanked George Bogdanov for his generous efforts as a board member. The National Network for Children, Bulgaria will continue to hold a strong connection to Eurochild as a member; it is also coordinating the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign in Bulgaria.

Three National coalitions appointed as official networks

Three new National Partner Networks were also appointed by the General Assembly this year. National partner networks are the ‘go-to’ organisations in each country and are expected to support the national level advocacy efforts for the Eurochild network. 

  • Estonian Union for Child Welfare was founded in 1988 and coordinates the work of 34 regional societies for child welfare, which include child welfare unions, societies or clubs.

  •  Latvian Child Welfare Network was founded in 2014 by 8 international and national NGOs, representing child development and well-being relevant fields, such as education, social welfare and health. In 2016 the Network had 11 NGO members and 3 private members, including the key Latvian NGOs.
  • Founded in 1991, Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) has over 150 organisational and individual members aiming to promote children’s rights and includes the key English children’s rights NGOs. CRAE will take over the NPN membership from Children England. 

In addition, 15 new organisations were appointed as members. With the new tally, Eurochild now has 165 members in 33 countries.

We welcome the new Eurochild members:

Full Members:


CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte International


Defence for Children International - Czech DCI/CZ


Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection-KOMF


Latvian Protect the Children


Plataforma de Organizaciones de Infancia


The Centre for Applied Childhood Youth and Family Research (University of Huddersfield)


Associate Members:


Mrs. Janine Renier

Mrs. Margareta Kovacova


Fairstart Foundation



EYSEKT - ESF Actions Coordination and Monitoring Authority


Mrs. Veronica Smits

Mr. Robert Van Pagée 


Mrs. Antonina Slipchenko


Mr. Jeffrey Coleman