Using Children's Rights in Homelessness Policy

Eurochild's National Partner Network from the UK, Children's Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) releases briefing on the benefits of having a children’s rights approach to homelessness policy making

The past decade has seen a huge growth in numbers of children experiencing homelessness and being forced to live in temporary accommodation such as Bed and Breakfasts, often for long periods of time.

Being homeless or living in temporary accommodation can result in breaches of many key children’s rights. CRAE’s new briefing explains how taking a children’s rights approach to homeless policy could help challenge and tackle some of these issues.

It also summarises the key findings from CRAE's recent research with children’s and human rights experts and policy experts from the children’s sector exploring why their organisations do and don’t use children’s rights approaches in their policy and how this is relevant for organisations working in the homelessness policy sector.

Download the briefing