Eurochild attended Learning for Well-Being Community meeting

The meeting was an opportunity to review the current state of the L4WB Community

Last weekend (24-25 January), Eurochild staff and several member representatives took part in the Learning for Well-being Community (L4WB) meeting organized by Universal Education Foundation in Switzerland.

The meeting was an opportunity to review the current state of the L4WB Community, including the commitments of various organisations, engage in reflective activities and understand more fully the various elements of the L4WB framework.

We also took the opportunity to discuss how the L4WB framework and the Charter for Children can support our advocacy for children’s rights and well-being. This discussion with the broader Eurochild’s membership will continue at the Policy Forum on 23 April in Brussels.

About Learning for Well-being:

Learning for Well-being describes the journey of learning to realise our unique potential through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development in relation to self, others and the environment.

Using an integrative framework, it focuses on cultivating capacities and environments that: nurture the expression of one’s unique potential; respect the uniqueness and diversity of each individual; emphasise the nature and quality of relationships; and support participation and engagement while considering the whole person, whole process and whole systems.