Children's Rights Action Group (CRAG): Invest in Children through the EU Budget 2014-2020

Joint statement by Eurochild and CRAG calling on the Parliament to invest in children

In this joint statement launched on 6 September, Eurochild and organisations active in the Children’s Rights Action Group (CRAG), a partnership of international NGOs working to protect and promote children’s rights, call on Members of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to ensure that:

  • Investment of EU resources goes to promoting social inclusion and combating poverty, in particular child poverty, through the EU Structural Funds under the MFF’s Heading 1.
  • Sufficient levels of funding go to the promotion of fundamental rights and citizenship, including children’s rights and child protection under the MFF’s Heading 3.
  • Development aid is at least 90% of Heading 4 and that children are a priority for programming so as to have a true impact on poverty eradication.
Click here to download the statement.