Comments paper - Provision of quality early childcare services

Eurochild participated in EC Peer review on the provision of quality early childcare services.

Eurochild was invited to contribute to a ‘peer review’ on quality early childcare services. Peer reviews allow one member state to offer what they consider to be good practices to other member states. The Czech Republic hosted this peer review on 10-11 November 2015. Eurochild was represented by Marion Mcleod from Children in Scotland, co-chair of Family and Parenting Support Thematic Working Group and active member of Early Years Education and Care Thematic Working Group. You can read the discussion paper developed by the thematic expert here

Representatives from governments and stakeholders from different EU countries debated on the Czech approach to early years policy and practice and compare it with their own national approaches to investing in quality early childcare services.

This is the third in a series of peer reviews organised by the European Commission on social protection and social inclusion that Eurochild has contributed to this year, first of which was in Brussels in January to review Belgium’s ‘Children First’ programme and the second in Budapest, Hungary last month on the theme of conditional cash transfers. 

Read the comments paper here.