Conclusions of the European Council (7/8 February 2013) as regards the item Multiannual Financial Framework

The following document details the conclusions made by the EC regarding the MFF and how it should be structured in order to benefit Europe

The Multiannual Financial Framework for the period 2014 to 2020 will have the following structure:

- Sub-Heading 1a “Competitiveness for growth and jobs” which will include the Connecting Europe Facility;

- Sub-Heading 1b “Economic, social and territorial cohesion”;

- Heading 2 “Sustainable growth: natural resources” which will include a sub-ceiling for market related expenditure and direct payments;

- Heading 3 “Security and citizenship”;

- Heading 4 “Global Europe”;

- Heading 5 “Administration” which will include a sub-ceiling for administrative expenditure;

- Heading 6 "Compensations".


The document also discusses how the MFF 2014 - 2020 plan will run in order for the EU budget to promote growth among EU Member States

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