EAPN report on the social impact of the crisis and of the Recovery Policies in 2010

Governments' austerity measures have only been worsening an already dramatic situation, shows EAPN's report on the social impact of the crisis and of the recovery policies in 2010.

In this report, the network presents 6 Key Messages:

• The social impact is getting worse, as Governments’ austerity measures make the poor pay and undermine a sustainable recovery.
• The social impact is being systematically under-assessed and ignored.
• NGOs are gravely weakened and their fundamental contribution to society is at stake.
• The crisis was not inevitable and was a result of deregulation and increasing inequality, not public sector spending.
• Another, fairer way is possible – towards prosperity for all.
• The EU must restore the core values of the European Project, and use Europe 2020 to drive an ambitious social and sustainable vision.

According to the report, "the EU must re-affirm its commitment to the European project, and seize the opportunities of Europe 2020 and the Flagship Platform against Poverty to tackle the social impact of the crisis and invest in people, decent jobs and social goods and take action."

Download here EAPN's report.