Eurochild becomes a full member of the Keeping Children Safe Child Safeguarding Network

KCS is an international network, open to NGOs and corporate organisations who want to strengthen their child safeguarding measures and to build the capacity of organisations to ensure their staff, programmes and operations are safe for children.

Mieke Schuurman, Senior Policy and Advocacy Coordinator: Children’s Rights and Child Participation at Eurochild says: “Eurochild is delighted to be a full-fledged member of the Keeping Children Safe network. Our commitment towards increasing children’s participation in our work is matched with our commitment to safeguarding children. With the support of the KCS network, we aim to create an enabling environment for as many children to engage in our mission of putting children at the heart of Europe.”

Eurochild has been part of the KCS Child Safeguarding Network as an Associate Member since 2017, when it adopted an internal child protection policy aimed to ensure a high standard of child safeguarding in its work directly with children in the different areas of its operations, including working with its members to engage with children and in its strategic planning and governance and advocacy work.

Sarah Blakemore, Chief Executive of KCS said, “Keeping Children Safe is pleased to welcome Eurochild as a Full Member of our global network. We are looking forward to continuing to work with them to champion child safeguarding across Europe”.

The KCS membership scheme is available to organisations of all types and sizes right across the globe. Membership benefits include a range of tools and services ranging from the specialised technical assessment of an organisation’s child safeguarding measures, policy review and the creation and implementation of an action plan to ongoing coaching and mentoring, free auditing of an organisations charity partners and the access to an online Child Safeguarding Community of Practice. KCS stands shoulder to shoulder to support its members in their child safeguarding journey – based on the four International Child Safeguarding Standard –to effectively demonstrate commitment to protecting children from harm and exploitation by achieving two levels of certifications.

For more information about the Keeping Children Safe Child Safeguarding Network please email Maryam Ehsani, Child Safeguarding Network Manager or call +44 (0)20 7250 8325.

Notes to the editor:

•    Keeping Children Safe’s expert team of social workers, law enforcement professionals and safeguarding practitioners has helped more than 4,000 organisations (including Save the Children, Plan International and UNICEF) implement International Child Safeguarding Standards in almost every country in the world.
•    KCS has over 78 charity members working in almost every country of the world, impacting the lives of 134 million children annually.
•    A child dies every 5 minutes because of violence.  
•    An estimated 120 million girls and 73 million boys have been victims of sexual violence.
•    Children with disabilities are three to four times more likely to be victims of violence than their peers without disabilities.
•    One in four girls with disabilities report experiencing sexual violence.
•    If a girl is raped during childhood, she is twice as likely to experience sexual assault after the age of 16.
•    Only 2 per cent of countries report a comprehensive legal framework to prevent incidents of violence. Fewer than one in 10 countries have established effective, child- friendly reporting mechanisms and only one in eight countries provide their children with adequate legal redress, including compensation.
•    230 million children do not have any form of legal identity.