Eurochild Report: How the economic and financial crisis is affecting children & young people in Europe

Report on the heavy impact of the economic crisis on children and young people based on evidence collected through Eurochild membership

For more than two years now the crisis is having a heavy impact on the daily lives of millions of families, children and young people. Evidence suggests that the economic downturn affect disproportionally children and families.

In this report, Eurochild calls to:

  • Ensure a quality work/family life balance for parents;
  • Strengthen early intervention and prevention services for families;
  • Ensure access to high quality inclusive education for all;
  • Invest and protect children’s mental health and well-being;
  • Protect and increase budgets targeting children and families;
  • Strengthen family- and community-based care for children in alternative care.

Read and download the report in this link.