Eurochild statement on Early Childhood Education and Care

On 19-20 June 2014 the Hellenic EU Presidency hosted a conference on the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care organised in collaboration with DG Education and Culture of the European Commission.

The Hellenic EU Presidency and the European Commission organised on 19-20 June a conference on quality of Early Childhood Education and Care where a proposal for a ECEC European Quality Framework was presented and discussed. The framework is fruit of years of Eurochild advocacy to focus on quality and shifting away from a narrow understanding of ECEC as a service to working parents. Eurochild is looking forward to contribute to strengthen this framework and looking at its implementation to increase the quality of services provided to children and families. 

Eurochild Secretary-General Jana Hainsworth participated at the conference and stressed the following underpinning principles for early childhood policies:

  • early childhood must be understood as a public responsibility and a public good;
  • a comprehensive early childhood policy requires holistic and integrated policy development;
  • support for parents as primary care givers is critical;
  • a competent early childhood workforce requires ‘competent systems’;
  • evaluation and research need to focus on children’s real outcomes in the present and in the future.
Read the full statement here.