Eurochild statement on EU leaders to invest for children

This document details the recommendations made by Eurochild in order to ensure that the outcome of the MFF negotiations make a positive difference to children’s lives.

Children born today face a daunting future. They will have to work longer to supprot an ageing society; they will probably have to pay for their own education and training; they will have to manage, with ever greater intelligence, diminishing resources in an incresingly competitive, globalised world.


Over the past 20 years a majority of children in Europe have achieved greater material wealth, but this has not translated into greater well-being. As Member States of the European Union discuss the 2014 - 2020 Multinational Financial Framework, we call on leaders to prioritise investment for children, namely to:

- Invest in children and make them visible in the European budgeting

- Use the money to strengthen the "inclusive growth" pillar of Europe 2020

- Ensure proper governance and accountability of EU structural funds


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