Eurochild's analysis of the 2012 National Reform Programmes

In June 2012 Eurochild carried out an analysis of the National Reform Programmes (NRPs) and National Social Reports (NSRs) of EU Member States with the help of its member organisations. Based on a framework document, respondents provided information about the extent to which NRPs and NSRs take into account child poverty and well-being objectives under the poverty target and the education targets.

The compiled analysis of responses provides an EU-wide overview of the commitment to fight child poverty and social exclusion. A similar analysis was undertaken in 2011 of the first round of NRPs under the Europe 2020 strategy and Eurochild made a series of recommendations for strengthening the child poverty and well-being dimension of the process.

According to the analysis, from a child poverty and child well-being perspective, there has been little improvement in the 2012 NRPs and that the criticisms Eurochild made in 2011 remain valid. Also, the introduction of NSRs so far appears to have had little impact in strengthening the social inclusion dimension of the Europe 2020 process and their potential remains to be developed.

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