European Semester 2019 – more social and more investment

Eurochild assesses the Country Specific Recommendations released by the European Commission in their Spring Package to the European Semester.

 The final stage of the 2019 European Semester cycle arrived on June 5 with the publication by the European Commission of the Country Specific Recommendations. These recommendations aim ‘to encourage Member States to increase their growth potential by modernising their economies and further strengthen their resilience’. In essence, the Country Specific Recommendations(CSRs) are intended to assist national governments shape national budgets and reforms for the year ahead. This year’s recommendations are mostly focused on fiscal sustainability, education & labour activation, and low carbon & energy transition. Some Member States have also received recommendations to invest in transparency and engagement with stakeholders.  

In its assessment, Eurochild found that: 

  • There is greater attention to social issues reflected in the CSRs than previous years;
  • Children and child poverty are not as explicitly targeted as Eurochild had called for.

Read the full assessment to learn how children are featured in the country specific recommendations and whether the CSR's are more social. 

Download the PDF.