EveryChild - Family first, Prioritising support to kinship carers, especially older carers

This paper makes the case for greater support to kinship care, and gives guidance on the most effective means for supporting kinship carers and the children in their care

The paper focuses on grandparent care as the most common and often least adequately supported form of kinship care, and is a collaborative effort between EveryChild and HelpAge International. It suggests that greater collaboration is needed between agencies striving to achieve child rights and those working on greater protection of older people’s rights.

Three key conclusions are made in the paper:

1) Kinship care is and should be here to stay, and it is especially important to celebrate and support the role of grandparents in bringing up children who cannot be cared for by their parents

2) A full package of support must be developed for kinship carers and the children in their care, recognising the particular needs and vulnerability of grandparent carer headed household

3) Kinship care should never be the only care option available to children. Parents need support too and other forms of alternative care should be available

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