Growing Up in Ireland: How Families matter for social and emotional outcomes of 9-year-old children

This report is concerned with how families matter for the social and emotional outcomes of nine-year-olds in the Growing Up in Ireland study.

The analysis considers how the social and emotional outcomes relate to the characteristics of both the child and the child’s family. Data were collected from teachers and mothers on children’s social, emotional and behavioural problems using the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ).

The findings indicate that the majority of nine-year-olds are developing well without any significant social, emotional or behavioural problems. However, based on mother and teacher reports, approximately 15% to 20% of children were classified as displaying significant levels of difficulty. Girls were more likely than boys to have problems of an emotional nature, while boys were more likely than girls to have problems of behavioural nature, and to display more difficulties overall.

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