Peer review on Homelessness from a child’s perspective

‘It’s like being in prison’ – children speak out on homelessness in CRAE’s child-led campaign, Change it!

Last week our Eurochild National Partner Network for England the Children’s Rights Alliance for England attended a peer view on ‘homelessness from a child’s perspective’.   The event, hosted by the Bruno Vanobbergen, the Flemish Children’s Rights Commissioner took place over two days and included representatives from Portugal, Romania, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Belgium.

Discussions over the two days focused on how to prevent child homelessness - addressing the lack of social housing for families and the impact of changes to welfare being key; issues to consider to ensure accommodation for homeless families is child-centred; and how we ensure that there is accurate data on child homelessness, including key characteristics of children such as age, gender and ethnicity.   

The Director of CRAE, Louise King, gave a presentation on the findings of a new report by CRAE’s child-led Change it! campaign which documented the testimonies of children living in temporary accommodation in England. Participants were visibly shocked by the atrocious conditions that the children were forced to live in, which were often far away from school, friends and family. 

One of the key findings of the peer review was the importance of listening to children and ensuring that their views and experiences are taken into account into strategies to tackle child homelessness and services and accommodation provided for them. 

Read the full report of Change it!