Peer Review Seminar: Early Intervention and Prevention in Family Support, Synthesis Report

This paper summarises the key issues and messages from a collective report of four case studies of inspiring practice presented at the Peer Review Seminar in Belfast

These four case studies provided examples of practice from Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Poland and Wales.


The presentation of the case studies, the collective report and contributions from social policy experts at the Peer Review generated discussion concerning the following areas:

 Defining Early Intervention and Prevention in Family Support

 Common principles that underpin effective Family Support

 Links with European Commission social policy agenda

 Innovation, Effectiveness and Replication

 Exploration of what constitutes a strong evidence base

 Shared use of language in outcomes focused practice

 Developing a framework for evaluating good practice


This report builds on the earlier assessment report, by incorporating the insights gained from the discussions at the Peer Review Seminar and makes observations and recommendations that have taken into account contributions from seminar delegates.


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