Request for promising practices on addressing in-work poverty

Call for promising practices from European Anti-Poverty Network, of which Eurochild is a member. Deadline 22 June 2018

As you may remember, in-work poverty was the topic of the 16th Meeting of People Experiencing Poverty, and it was chosen as this year’s focus for EU ISG work. EAPN has a quite long advocacy history on in-work poverty, dating back to the 2013 position paper “Working and Poor”. For this year, one idea is to insert a dedicated thematic part in this year’s Poverty Watch reports. However, as discussed in the last EU ISG in Belgrade, the main project related to this issue is to produce a booklet containing a collection of promising practices around in-work poverty.

-          Following on from the discussion and decision in the last EUISG, we’re now sending out the scoping note and fiche to collect promising practices. 


What you can do

-          What you’re asked to do is to provide example(s) of promising practices around in-work poverty, being them either policies, projects or campaigns. Please find below some very brief examples of what could be a suitable submission, and find more detailed information in the fiche attached.

o   Policy: introduction of a minimum wage scheme where this was absent (as done in Germany in 2015), or by other actions aimed at enhancing their levels or coverage.

o   Projects: informing workers on their rights to equal pay or access to services, or providing integrated services to people moving from benefits into work.

o   Campaigns: raising awareness of the role of adequate wages to enhance people’s wellbeing.

-          The fiche provides an articulation of the submission, with questions to be answered and examples. What we kindly ask you is to use the fiche as model to structure your submission.

-          Please send back the completed fiches to me (policy(at)eapn(dot)eu) and Sian (sian.jones(at)eapn(dot)eu) before the 22nd of June 2018.   

-          After that, the Policy Team will draw together your contributions and produce a draft booklet, to be discussed at the next EU ISG in July.


Should you have any queries/doubts, please do not hesitate to come back to me (policy(at)eapn(dot)eu) or Sian (sian.jones(at)eapn(dot)eu).