Resilience and the role of childhood – Open letter to EPSC and European Commission

Eurochild participated in an event organised by the European Commission on the topic of 'Building a resilient Europe in a globalised world'.

Jana Hainsworth, as Secretary General of Eurochild wrote an open letter to the organisers after the event on two aspects connected to broader work with civil society and the potential of investing in children.

In an open letter to the EPSC and European Commission, Jana congratulated the organisers on raising the role of education in building resilience. She added that: 

Our capacity to cope with change, to face uncertainty with confidence is very linked to childhood experience. Experience of poverty in childhood is associated with many poor outcomes - health, education, and ultimately employability - leading to an intergenerational cycle of disadvantage.  Breaking this cycle requires a broad child-centred investment strategy that goes beyond education.  It would take in early childhood policies - not only childcare provision but how to support families during this critical phase of a child’s life, health promotion and more market regulation to protect children as consumers, more and better family support services at community level to prevent family separation and better social welfare and protection policies.”

Read the open letter here.

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