Social protection systems in the EU: financing arrangements and the effectiveness and efficiency of resource allocation

Report jointly prepared by the Social Protection Committee and the European Commission Services

This report provides a comprehensive overview of how social protection systems in the EU are financed. It examines the sources and structures of this financing, along with how money is spent and resources allocated. Finally, the document addresses the question of the effectiveness and efficiency of the systems in place and also provides country overviews and relevant data.

The publication has been prepared as a response to the request from the Council to the Social Protection Committee to work on a report on the financing of the social protection systems. At the same time, the Council has called for more effectiveness and efficiency of social protection policies and of public spending in a series of council conclusions. Further, on a proposal from the Commission, the Council adopted a number of country specific recommendations in July 2013 recommending to Member States improvements of the effectiveness and efficiency of their social protection systems.

Thie report is available online in English.