UNICEF: A Recovery for All - Rethinking Socio Economic Policies for Children and Poor Households

This book describes the social impacts of the crisis, policy responses to date and United Nations alternative proposals for 'A Recovery for All'

This book argues that children and poor families were left behind before the crisis, that they have been severely affected by the multitude of global shocks since 2008, and that, although they were briefly supported during the first phase of the crisis (2008-09), they were again left behind in 2010 despite their significant needs and increasing vulnerability.

UNICEF's publication further argues that there are alternatives: there is a range of options to expand fiscal space and support investments for a socially-responsive economic recovery, even in the poorest countries. It also seeks to promote awareness of the distributional impacts of macroeconomic policies and encourages detailed examination of alternative policy options that support children and poor families both during and after the recovery.

Download UNICEF's book here.