UNICEF Innocenti: Family and Parenting Support - Policy and Provision in a Global Context

This report examines and analyses policies and provision for family support and parenting support

Policies and provision for family support and parenting support are relatively under-researched, especially in a global setting, so there is an information gap. The main goals of the research by UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti are to identify relevant global trends and develop an analytical framework that can be used for future research and policy analysis. For these purposes, new evidence was gathered and existing evidence systematised and analysed.

The report is based on general literature searches and evidence gathered from 33 UNICEF national offices and detailed case studies of nine countries (Belarus, Chile, China, Croatia, England, Jamaica, the Philippines, South Africa and Sweden).

Some of the key observations coming out of the research are related to the fact that family support and parenting support are providing a focus for innovation and policy development within and across countries. Policies are driven by many rationales and aims: most typically they combine a mix of objectives relating to children, parents and family.

Download the report here.