The Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a communications procedure (OP3 CRC) came into force on 14 April 2014, providing children with the opportunity to access justice at the international level. But children will only be able to use this complaints procedure if their States ratify OP3 CRC.

Children’s rights organisations around the world have joined to create this International Coalition to campaign for ratification and make this complaints procedure a reality for children.

A complaint can be brought against any State that has ratified OP3 CRC. As of 25 September 2014, 14 States have ratified OP3 CRC: Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Gabon, Germany, Ireland, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Thailand.

OP3 CRC membership is composed of national, regional and international non-governmental organisations and networks, human rights institutions and other non-governmental bodies from across the world.

Eurochild is one of the 12 organisations on the steering committee set up to guide the international coalition pushing for the ratification and implementation of the OP3CRC.