EU Alliance publishes Advocacy Toolkit

The EU Alliance for Investing in Children has prepared an Advocacy Toolkit which will support the advocacy work of networks and organisations on tackling and preventing child poverty and promoting child well-being at national and sub-national level.

This toolkit aims to support national advocacy strategies to implement the EC Recommendation, including supporting the development of national alliances on investing in children.  Also, EU Alliance Partners aim to strengthen members’ national influence by increasing knowledge of EU tools and advocacy capacity.

The departure point is the existing EU guidance for governments’ comprehensive policies to tackle child poverty and promote child well-being in the EC Recommendation. Europe 2020 mechanisms and the programming of Structural and Investment Funds are highlighted in the document, as they are critical European entry points to influence national decision-making processes and ensure that child poverty is high on Member States’ policy agendas.

This document is particularly directed at national members of the EU Alliance partners and current/future national alliances, but can be equally useful for actors working or campaigning in the field of children’s rights, social inclusion and social protection, or those who are involved / seeking opportunities to get involved in the Structural Funds’ process.

Click here to download the toolkit.

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