Eurochild produces policy briefings, working papers and reports on a variety of issues that affects the lives of children.

These policy briefings are produced by the Eurochild secretariat, often in collaboration or in consultation with the membership. The policy papers offer guidance to policy makers, researchers, professionals working with or for children.


Thematic Areas

Children’s Rights Are Better Understood In Political And Public Life


Ending Child Poverty & Social Exclusion


Ending Institutional Care For All Children


Prioritising Early Childhood Development


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13 September 2021

EEG’s main findings on the submitted Recovery & Resilience National Plans

Since the beginning of the year, the European Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care has been following closely the work around the Recovery and Resilience Facility.…
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6 September 2021

Equal chances for every child: Education must be accessible and inclusive for every child

Eurochild, together with its partners in the ICAM Project, have recently submitted our response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the Pathways to School Success Initiative. Together with our…
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29 July 2021

Snapshot of early childhood development data and policies in nine countries - A cross country analysis

The cross-country analysis has been developed within the First Years First Priority Campaign co-led by Eurochild and the International Step by Step Association (ISSA), in partnership with the European Public…
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29 July 2021

Early Childhood Development in Spain - Country Profile

Spain has invested in policy areas impacting early childhood development (ECD). In 2021, under the General State Budget, a budget line has been earmarked for early childhood education and care…
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29 July 2021

Early Childhood Development in Serbia - Country Profile

Serbia has made some efforts over the past years to deliver on early childhood development (ECD) policies and to support families with young children. Specifically, the Government of Serbia has…
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29 July 2021

Early Childhood Development in Romania - Country Profile

Romania has made important progress over the past years in delivering some early childhood development (ECD)policies and in supporting families with young children. Government commitment enforce for early childhood education…
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