Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Association Novi Put (New Road)

    National organisation - advocacy/campaign

    Association „Novi put“ was established in 2010 at the State level of Bosnia and Herzegovina aimed at prevention and combating of human and child trafficking, all forms of child and gender-based violence. Given the significant increase in BiH children victims of human trafficking and contemporary forms of slavery, as well as online exploitation, “Novi put” has been particularly focused on prevention and combating of all forms of child exploitation and violence against children. „Novi put“ has been implementing its programs comprised of education and grass root prevention activities among categories vulnerable to the said phenomena, as well as of counselling support to potential and genuine victims; lobbying and information campaigns; training, seminars and workshops for both, relevant national agencies and general public. “Novi put” integrated all child rights-based approach (CRBA) provisions and approach in all segments of its work, communication with children and on behalf of children

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