General Assembly 2022

Eurochild General Assembly will happen online on 10-11 May.

Registrations are open until 6 May!
If you are a member of Eurochild, go to the Members' Room to access the agenda, background documents and to register. This General Assembly has high quorum requirement. Therefore, we count on you to register as soon as possible or to reach out to organise a proxy for your representation.

If you don't have a Members' Room account email Davide Rambaldi, Eurochild Communication Officer.

Induction Session on Friday, 6 May 14:00 - 15:00 CEST.
Aimed at candidate members as well as colleagues from existing Eurochild members who may be unfamiliar with how we work, this session will explain Eurochild’s decision-making structures as well as the different engagement tools.
(Same link as above)