A new push to support our members and strengthen family-based care

Eurochild renewed its partnership with the Martin James Foundation (MJF) to influence EU policy-making and build capacity among members to make the case for family-based care at national level.

In 2022, Eurochild continues to cooperate with Martin James Foundation (MJF) to further develop our members’ capacities and to influence European policy making to strengthen families as well as family-based care for children in alternative care.

As identified by the Feasibility Study III on the Child Guarantee, many Member States need more assistance in the development of specialised foster care and further support to independent living of care leavers. Therefore, we will organise a cycle of webinars and peer learning sessions responding to these needs, where experts among Eurochild members and externals will be able to share their approach and good practices.  Another component of this work will be twinning actors with knowledge and expertise with organisations that need this expertise. Eurochild will also ensure that key materials focused on the topic of children in alternative care will be made available and translated into national languages, if necessary. The expertise of MJF in family foster care will be of great value in webinars related to foster care.

This work will be intertwined with the Eurochild network’s ongoing advocacy work on children in alternative care. Eurochild is intensively engaged in influencing policy making processes at the European level (for instance around the Child Guarantee, the European Semester and Recovery and Resilience Facility), while cooperating and supporting our members’ advocacy efforts at national level. To enhance the impact of our advocacy we will also continue to cooperate with the European Expert Group on Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care.

Further information on the work with MJF

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