Acknowledgements - Annual Report 2023

The Secretariat team

The Secretariat is the ‘engine room’ of the Eurochild network. We thank our staff and interns for their hard work in 2023.

Executive Team

  • Sabine Saliba, Secretary General (from April 2023)
  • Ally Dunhill, Director of Policy, Advocacy and Communication
  • Mieke Schuurman, Director of Child Rights and Capacity Building
  • Axelle Stainier, Director of Finance (until May 2023)
  • Paolo Petrini, Director of Finance (from May 2023)

Operations and Finances

  • Claire Boutry, Governance and Membership Officer
  • Clarisse Bouyala-Bertaud, Events and Office Officer (from March 2023)
  • Phu Cuong Nguyen, Finance Officer (from June 2023)
  • Gloria Botton, Governance and Membership Officer (maternity cover from August 2023 to December 2023)

Policy, Advocacy and Communications

  • Zuzana Konradova, EU Affairs Coordinator
  • Reneta Krivonozova, Policy and Advocacy Officer - Child poverty
  • Luc Aboubadra, Policy and Advocacy Assistant (from September 2023 to December 2023)
  • Davide Rambaldi, Communications Coordinator
  • Jennifer Traini, Communications Officer (until February 2023)
  • Federica Marra, Communications Officer (from May 2023)

Child Rights and Capacity Building

  • Agata D’Addato, Head of Programmes
  • Ciaran O'Donnell, Partnerships and Programmes Coordinator
  • Fabiola Bas Palomares, Lead Policy and Advocacy Officer - Online Safety
  • Alice Hagger-Vaughan, Child Participation Coordinator
  • Lenia Kriki, Child Participation and Events Officer (from September 2023)

Eurochild Intern Programme participants in 2023

  • Sebastian Lindt, Policy and Advocacy Intern (from November 2022 until September 2023)
  • Oriane Leroy-Galateau, Policy and Advocacy Intern (from November 2023)
  • Lenia Kriki, Child Participation and Events Intern (from February 2023 until September 2023)

The Management Board for their leadership and strategic guidance

  • H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Honorary Member, Malta – President
  • Tanya Ward, Children’s Rights Alliance Ireland – Vice-President
  • Ninetta Kazantzis, Pancyprian Coordinating Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Children, Cyprus –Treasurer
  • Sean O’Neill, Children in Wales, United Kingdom (until May 2023)
  • Uroš Brezovšek, Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth, Slovenia
  • Adrian Oros, Hope and Hopes for Children Romania, Romania
  • Julien Vangeertsom,Individual Associate Member, Belgium
  • Macarena Céspedes, Plataforma de Infancia, Spain
  • Ulla Siimes, Central Union Welfare of Finland, Finland (elected at 2023 Annual General Assembly on 16 May)
  • Sérgio Costa Araújo, Individual Associate Member, Portugal (elected at 2023 Annual General Assembly on 16 May)

Eurochild’s allies and partners in 2023 for helping us achieving our impact

We wish to acknowledge and thank our major funding partners for their support in 2023:

  • European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion – EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation
  • UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Regional Office
  • OAK Foundation, Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Programme
  • Open Society Foundations, legacy grant from the Early Childhood Programme
  • Porticus
  • Tanya’s Dream Fund

Eurochild would also like to thank individual donors who supported us through unrestricted donations.

Umbrella networks and coalitions Eurochild is part of:

  • EU Alliance for Investing in Children
  • European Expert Group on the transition from institutional to community-based support
  • European Public Health Alliance
  • Social Platform
  • Lifelong Learning Platform (from June 2023)
  • Child Rights Connect
  • Child Rights Action Group
  • European Anti-Poverty Network
  • Initiative for Children in Migration
  • The European Family Support Network
  • Civil Society Liaison Group of the EESC
  • Global Coalition to End Child Poverty
  • Transforming Children’s Care Global Collaborative
  • Regional Child Protection Sub-working Group – Ukraine Refugee Situation
  • ESF Transnational Cooperation Platform
  • European Commission Expert Working Group on Early Childhood Education and Care
  • European Commission Expert Working Group on Schools: Subgroup on Pathways to School Success

Our consultants

First Years, First Priority campaign

  • Giorgiana Rosa
  • Jonathan Ellis
  • Chris Stalker

The DataCare project

Governance and HR

  • Daniel Genberg
  • Hendrik Geleyte

Fundraising and partnership development

  • Dominic Smith, strategic partnerships consultant
  • Nadja Ohranovic, EU project application consultant

Our contractors and service providers:

  • Design, illustration and printing: Hallo Mondo, Drawnalism, Media Process, We Tell Stories
  • IT Support: B&B Computer Solutions
  • Accountancy & auditing: Danielle Ost, Stéfania Ciocan, Danielle Quivy
  • Websites management and hosting: Wikafi, ACW
  • Salesforce: Zsolt Polacsek and Péter Szabó
  • Moderators: Katharina Moser, Christine Broggiato

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